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Objectives of the Exhibition

The exhibition will be featuring international and local biotech companies in a variety of services. It will provide  participants and exhibitors with an excellent opportunity to network and exchange ideas relating the promotion of biotechnology for Africa. The biotechnology exhibition provide you a special  opportunity for your company to promote its technology and main research capabilities and create effective partnerships with the African researchers, civil societies, policy makers and development communities. The conference will attract about  250 participants from all over Africa and abroad in search of ways on how to use, development  and application of biotechnology for Africa to reduce or eliminate chronic hunger. As an exhibitor this will provide you a unique network opportunity.

  1. To showcase innovative biotechnology
  2. To demonstrate the role that biotechnology can play in Africa’s socio-economic development
  3. To demonstrate the potential investment return in biotechnology and innovation
  4. To encourage African policymakers to invest in biotechnology  projects and researches
  5. To encourage skills and capacity building in biotechnology

Interested exhibitors need to fill online the registration form.  The invitation letters and the relevant forms will be sent accordingly. Exhibition space will be made available at the ECA exhibition hall in Addis Ababa. Participant exhibitors will be given a space of 6sqm (2mx3m). A total number of 51 exhibitions will be mounted. Extended size will be available  in multiples of standard booth size. However, their positioning will be at the discretion of the organizers. 

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